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Bitfields for Intel 82443BX (Device 0) NBX Configuration Register

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Bit Description

31 - 24

SDRAM rows without ECC; each set bit indicates a row in the SDRAM array with does NOT have error correction (bit 24 = row 0; note that double- sided DIMMs use two rows, one for the front and one for the back)

23 - 19



DRAM data asserted on host bus on the same clock on which the snoop result is sampled, instead of one clock later


ECC signals are always driven for EDO memory


IDSEL redirection
0 = allocate IDSEL1/AD12 to bridge, never assert external AD12
1 = allocate IDSEL7/AD18 to bridge, never assert external AD18; PCI configuration cycles for Bus0/Device7 are redirected to Bus0/Device1


disable WSC# handshake (uni-processor mode)


Intel Reserved

13 - 12

Host/DRAM frequency
00 = 100 MHz
01 = reserved
10 = 66 MHz
11 = reserved


enable AGP-to-PCI access (note: AGP-to-PCI traffic is not allowed to target ISA-bus devices)


disable PCI agent access to graphic aperture (ignored if bit 9 clear)


global enable graphics aperture access

8 - 7

DRAM Data Integrity Mode
00 = non-ECC
01 = error checking only (e.g. parity)
10 = ECC mode
11 = ECC mdoe with hardware scrubbing


enable ECC diagnostics mode (when set, ECC lines are forced to zero on writes and compared to internally-generated ECC on reads)


monochrome video adapter present on PCI/ISA bus (with primary adapter on AGP bus)
if register 3Eh bit 3 is clear, all VGA cycles are sent to PCI regardless of this bit
otherwise: if clear, all VGA cycles are sent to AGP; if set, all VGA cycles except MDA ranges (memory B0000h-B7FFFh and ports 03B4h,03B5h, 03B8h,03B9h,03BAh,03BFh) are sent to AGP




enable posting of host USWC (U??? Speculative Write Combine) writes to PCI memory


In-Order Queue Depth
0 = depth forced to 1 (no pipelining on processor bus)
1 = maximum (PPro supports up to 8, but 82443BX only supports depth 4)

1 - 0


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