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Call PAGEFILE entry point with

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AX = function
0000h get version
Return: CF - clear
AH = major version
AL = minor version
0001h get swap file info
Data: DS:SI 128-byte buffer for swap file full pathname
DS:DI 128-byte buffer for SPART.PAR full pathname
Return: CF - clear
AL = pager type (see #02662)
AH = flags
bit 7 : swap file corrupted
ECX = maximum size of swap file
DS:SI buffer filled if paging enabled
DS:DI buffer filled if permanent swap file
0002h delete permanent swap file on exit
Return: CF


0003h get current temporary swap file size
Return: CF - clear
DX:AX = current swap file size in bytes
0000h:0000h if permanent swap file
Note: This API is only available in protected mode, and may only be called from the system VM.
See Also: #01289 at INT 20"Windows",#02663