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Call VMOUSE entry point with

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EAX = function number
0000h get VMOUSE version
Return: CF - clear
AH = major version
AL = minor version
0001h ???
Data: EBX = ???
ECX = ???
Return: CF - clear if successful
CF - set on error (e.g. fn 0003h not yet called)
0002h ??? (calls "test system VM handle")
Return: CF - clear if successful (in system VM)
CF - set on error
0003h ???
Data: ECX = ???
DX = ???
Return: CF - clear
0004h ???
Note: invokes Call_Priority_VM_Event
0005h get mouse port data
Return: CF - clear
AL = ??? (04h)
AH = mouse IRQ interrupt number (IRQ4=0Ch,etc.)
CX = mouse I/O port address (e.g. 03F8h)
DX = COM port number??? (0001h for mouse on COM1)
0100h NOP???
Return: CF - clear
0101h init???
Return: CF


Note: Appears to be the same as fn 0005h, but returns no data.
0102h unimplemented
Return: CF


0103h check ???
Return: AX


status (0000h/0001h)
Note: Checks flag set by fn 0003h.
Return: CF


See Also: #02649,#02651