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Values for AMIS signatures known to be in use

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Value Description

'Byrial J'

'EKLAVO ' permits keyboard entry of Esperanto accented letters


'Burnout+' shareware screen saver Burnout Plus

'Crynwr '

'SPELLER ' TSR spelling-checker

'CPH1995 '

'CDTSR ' resident CD-Audio player

'CPH1996 '



'Modula3L' Curtis Jewell's Modula-3 compiler (non-TSR)


'ASCII...' Example ASCII code view/enter TSR by Sergey Zubkov


'ScrnGrab' Example screen grabber by Sergey Zubkov


'INDRIVER' Advanced Parallel Port daisy chain driver (vendor name in product description field, if desired) (see also INT 2D/AL=DCh)

'DTown SD'

'DTU ' DTown Software Development's DTown Utilities (see also INT 2D/AL=20h)


'PLUMP ' Eclipse Software's printer and plotter spooler


'GIPC ' GraySoft's Inter-Process Communications driver

'heathh '

'Monitor '

'Helge O '

  TSRs by Helge Olav Helgesen


'lmkey ' Russian keyboard driver by Sergey Khabarov


'lmrus ' Russian screen driver by Sergey Khabarov

'J. Berry'

'RATSR ' RemoteAccess Network Manager workstation module

'JWB '

'RAMLIGHT' James Birdsall's on-screen RAMdisk activity indicator

'M Better'

'iHPFS ' Marcus Better's HPFS filesystem driver for DOS

'M. Paul '

'FREEVER ' DOS version-faking TSR by Matthias Paul

'Nildram '

'ST ' Screen Thief graphics screen grabber

'NoBrain '

'FlatReal' Flat real mode monitor by Sergei Shtylyov

'NoBrain '

'Grabber ' Frame grabber drivers by Sergei Shtylyov

'NoBrain '

'SqrModes' TSR providing some non-standard video modes by Sergei Shtylyov

'Pino Nav'

'ALTMENU ' activate any program's menu bar by pressing Alt key

'Pino Nav'

'Keybit ' Pino Navato's KEYBIT Lite Italian keyboard driver v4+







'R-Ware '

'dLite ' run-time data decompression TSR

'Ralf B '

'disaXXYY' RBdisabl -- disable key scancode XX w/ shift states YY

'Ralf B '

'DUALVGA ' dual-VGA support, screen blanker, and DPMS driver

'Ralf B '

'FASTMOUS' example TSR included with sample AMIS library code

'Ralf B '

'NoBreak ' disable Ctrl-@, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-Break keys

'Ralf B '

'NOLPT n ' example TSR -- turn LPTn into bit-bucket

'Ralf B '

'NOTE ' example TSR -- popup note-taker

'Ralf B '

'RBclock ' RBclock -- on-screen real-time clock

'Ralf B '

'RBclockE' RBclock -- on-screen elapsed-time clock

'Ralf B '

'RBdvorak' Dvorak keyboard mapping w/ opt Esc/~, LCtrl/CapsLk swap

'Ralf B '

'RBkcount' display count of keystrokes on screen

'Ralf B '

'RBkeyswp' RBkeyswap v3.0+ -- swap Esc/~ and LCtrl/CapsLock keys

'Ralf B '

'RBnoboot' disable Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination

'Ralf B '

'ShftCaps' require Shift-CapsLock to turn on CapsLock

'Ralf B '

'ShftNumL' require Shift-NumLock to turn off NumLock

'Ralf B '

'SWITCHAR' example TSR -- add switchar() support removed from DOS5

'Ralf B '

'VGABLANK' VGA-only screen blanker

'Ralf B '

'WINTAME ' yield CPU when program in Win95 DOS box is idle

'Sally IS'

'Mdisk ' removeable, resizeable RAMdisk

'Sally IS'

'Scr2Tex ' screen dumper with output in (La)Tex format

'SRT '

'STOPBOOT' reboot preventer by Steve Talbot

'Thaco '

'NEST ' Eirik Pedersen's programmer's delimiter matcher


'EATMEM ' George A. Theall's public domain memory restrictor for testing programs (v1.1+)


'RECALL ' public domain commandline editor and history (v1.2+)

'Todd '

'XPTR2 ' PC-to-Transputer interface by Todd Radel


'NoiseSYS' NOISE.SYS random-number generator

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