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Call PCXDUMP screen-dump function with

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Data: INT xx
AX = 1234h
BX = dump type
0000h = Color dump
0001h = Immediate color dump
0002h = Black/White dump
0003h = Immediate B/W dump
0004h = Inverted B/W dump
0005h = Gray scaled dump
0006h = Inverted gray scaled dump
0007h = Text screen dump to text file
0008h = Text screen dump to ansi file
Return: nothing
Notes: If BX=0001h, 0003h, 0007h or 0008h the whole screen will be dumped; the other valid values will draw a selection frame on the screen except in text modes (text modes allow only full screen dumps).
This function doesn't perform the dump, it only requests it; the dump will be performed after a few milliseconds if it's safe to do so, thus the author recommends putting a 60 ms delay after this call.