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Values for NetWare Core Protocol functions

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File Set Lock


File Release Lock


Log File (old)


Lock File Set (old) (see AX=F203h)


Release File (see AX=F204h)


Release File Set (see AH=CCh,AH=ECh"NetWare")


Clear File (see AH=CDh"NetWare")


Clear File Set (see AH=CEh,AX=F207h)


Log Logical Record (old) (see AX=F208h)


Lock Logical Record Set (old) (see AH=D0h"NetWare")


Clear Logical Record (see AX=F20Ah)


Release Logical Record (see AX=F20Bh)


Release Logical Record Set (see AH=D2h"NetWare")


Clear Logical Record Set (see AH=D3h"NetWare")


Allocate Resource (see AX=F20Eh)


Deallocate Resource (see AH=D8h"NetWare")

11h / xxh

print spooling (see AH=D9h"NetWare")

11h / 06h

Get Printer Status (see AH=E0h"NetWare")

11h / 0Ah

Get Printer Queue


Get Volume Info with Number (see AH=DAh"NetWare")


Get Station Number (see AH=DCh"NetWare")


Get File Server Date and Time (NW v2.2+) (see AH=E7h"NetWare")

15h / 01h

Get Broadcast Message (old) (see AX=F215h/SF=01h)

15h / 02h

Disable Broadcasts (see AX=F215h/SF=02h)

15h / 03h

Enable Broadcasts (see AX=F215h/SF=03h)

15h / 08h

Check Pipe Status (see AH=E1h/SF=08h,AX=F215h/SF=08h)

15h / 09h

Broadcast to Console (see AH=E1h/SF=09h,AX=F215h/SF=09h)

15h / 0Bh

Get Broadcast Message (see AX=F215h/SF=0Bh)

16h / 00h

Set Directory Handle (see AX=F216h/SF=00h)

16h / 01h

Get Directory Path (see AX=F216h/SF=01h)

16h / 02h

Scan Directory Information (see AX=F216h/SF=02h)

16h / 03h

Get Effective Directory Rights (old) (see AX=F216h/SF=03h)

16h / 04h

Modify Maximum Rights Mask (see AX=F216h/SF=04h)

16h / 05h

Get Volume Number (see AX=F216h/SF=05h)

16h / 06h

Get Volume Name (see AX=F216h/SF=06h)

16h / 0Ah

Create Directory (see AX=F216h/SF=0Ah)

16h / 0Bh

Delete Directory (see AX=F216h/SF=0Bh)

16h / 0Ch

Scan Directory for Trustees (see AX=F216h/SF=0Ch)

16h / 0Dh

Add Trustee to Directory (see AX=F216h/SF=0Dh)

16h / 0Eh

Delete Trustee from Directory (see AX=F216h/SF=0Eh)

16h / 0Fh

Rename Directory (see AX=F216h/SF=0Fh)

16h / 10h

Purge Erased Files (old) (see AX=F216h/SF=10h)

16h / 11h

Recover Erased File (old) (see AX=F216h/SF=11h)

16h / 12h

Alloc Permanent Directory Handle (see AX=F216h/SF=12h)

16h / 13h

Alloc Temporary Directory Handle (see AX=F216h/SF=13h)

16h / 14h

Deallocate Directory Handle (see AX=F216h/SF=14h)

16h / 15h

Get Volume Info with Handle (see AX=F216h/SF=15h)

16h / 16h

Alloc Special Temporary Directory Handle (see AX=F216h/SF=16h)

16h / 19h

Set Directory Information (see AX=F216h/SF=19h)

16h / 1Ah

Get Path Name of Volume-Directory Number Pair (see AX=F216h/SF=1Ah)

16h / 1Bh

Scan Salvageable Files (old) (see AX=F216h/SF=1Bh)

16h / 1Ch

Recover Salvageable File (old) (see AX=F216h/SF=1Ch)

16h / 1Dh

Purge Salvageable File (old) (see AX=F216h/SF=1Dh)

16h / 1Eh

Scan a Directory (see AX=F216h/SF=1Eh)

16h / 1Fh

Get Directory Entry (see AX=F216h/SF=1Fh)

16h / 20h

Scan Volume's User Disk Restrictions (see AX=F216h/SF=20h)

16h / 21h

Add User Disk Space Restriction (see AX=F216h/SF=21h)

16h / 22h

Remove User Disk Space Restrictions (see AX=F216h/SF=22h)

16h / 23h

Scan Directory Space Restrictions (see AX=F216h/SF=23h)

16h / 24h

Set Directory Disk Space Restriction (see AX=F216h/SF=24h)

16h / 25h

Set Directory File Information (see AX=F216h/SF=25h)

16h / 26h

Scan File or Directory For Extended Trustees (see AX=F216h/SF=26h)

16h / 27h

Add Extended Trustee to Directory or File (see AX=F216h/SF=27h)

16h / 28h

Scan Directory Disk Space (see AX=F216h/SF=28h)

16h / 29h

Get Object Disk Usage and Restrictions (see AX=F216h/SF=29h)

16h / 2Ah

Get Effective Rights (see AX=F216h/SF=2Ah)

16h / 2Bh

Remove Extended Trustee from Dir or File (see AX=F216h/SF=2Bh)

16h / 2Ch

Get Volume Usage (see AX=F216h/SF=2Ch)

16h / 2Dh

Get Directory Information (see AX=F216h/SF=2Dh)

16h / 2Eh

Rename or Move (see AX=F216h/SF=2Eh)

16h / 2Fh

Get Name Space Information (see AX=F216h/SF=2Fh)

16h / 30h

Get Name Space Directory Entry (see AX=F216h/SF=30h)

16h / 31h

Open Data Stream (see AX=F216h/SF=31h)

16h / 32h

Get Object Effective Rights (see AX=F216h/SF=32h)

16h / 33h

Get Extended Volume Info (see AX=F216h/SF=33h)

17h / 01h

Change User Password (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=01h)

17h / 02h

Get User Connection List (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=02h)

17h / 0Ch

Verify Serialization (see AX=F217h/SF=0Ch)

17h / 0Eh

Get Disk Utilization (see AX=F217h/SF=0Eh)

17h / 0Fh

Scan File Information (see AX=F217h/SF=0Fh)

17h / 10h

Set File Information (see AX=F217h/SF=10h)

17h / 11h

Get File Server Information (see AX=F217h/SF=11h)

17h / 12h

Get Network Serial Number (see AX=F217h/SF=12h)

17h / 13h

Get Internet Address (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=13h)

17h / 14h

Login Object (see AX=F217h/SF=14h)

17h / 15h

Get Object Connection List (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=15h)

17h / 16h

Get Connection Information (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=1Ch)

17h / 17h

Get Encryption Key (see AX=F217h/SF=17h)

17h / 18h

Login Object Encrypted (see AX=F217h/SF=18h)

17h / 1Ah

Get Internet Address (see AX=F217h/SF=1Ah)

17h / 1Bh

Get Object Connection List (see AX=F217h/SF=1Bh)

17h / 1Ch

Get Connection Information (see AX=F217h/SF=1Ch)

17h / 1Fh

Get Connection List from Object (see AX=F217h/SF=1Fh)

17h / 32h

Create Bindery Object (see AX=F217h/SF=32h)

17h / 33h

Delete Bindery Object (see AX=F217h/SF=33h)

17h / 34h

Rename Bindery Object (see AX=F217h/SF=34h)

17h / 35h

Get Bindery Object ID (see AX=F217h/SF=35h)

17h / 36h

Get Bindery Object Name (see AX=F217h/SF=36h)

17h / 37h

Scan Bindery Object (see AX=F217h/SF=37h)

17h / 38h

Change Bindery Object Security (see AX=F217h/SF=38h)

17h / 39h

Create Property (see AX=F217h/SF=39h)

17h / 3Ah

Delete Property (see AX=F217h/SF=3Ah)

17h / 3Bh

Change Property Security (see AX=F217h/SF=3Bh)

17h / 3Ch

Scan Property (see AX=F217h/SF=3Ch)

17h / 3Dh

Read Property Value (see AX=F217h/SF=3Dh)

17h / 3Eh

Write Property Value (see AX=F217h/SF=3Eh)

17h / 3Fh

Verify Bindery Object Password (see AX=F217h/SF=3Fh)

17h / 40h

Change Bindery Object Password (see AX=F217h/SF=40h)

17h / 41h

Add Bindery Object to Set (see AX=F217h/SF=41h)

17h / 42h

Delete Bindery Object from Set (see AX=F217h/SF=42h)

17h / 43h

Is Bindery Object in Set (see AX=F217h/SF=43h)

17h / 44h

Close Bindery (see AX=F217h/SF=44h)

17h / 45h

Open Bindery (see AX=F217h/SF=45h)

17h / 46h

Get Bindery Access Level (see AX=F217h/SF=46h)

17h / 47h

Scan Bindery Object Trustee Paths (see AX=F217h/SF=47h)

17h / 48h

Get Bindery Object Access Level (see AX=F217h/SF=48h)

17h / 49h

Is Station a Manager? (see AX=F217h/SF=49h)

17h / 4Ah

Keyed Verify Bindery Object Password (see AX=F217h/SF=4Ah)

17h / 4Bh

Keyed Change Bindery Object Password (see AX=F217h/SF=4Bh)

17h / 4Ch

List Relations of an Object (see AX=F217h/SF=4Ch)

17h / 64h

Create Queue (see AX=F217h/SF=64h)

17h / 65h

Destroy Queue (see AX=F217h/SF=65h)

17h / 66h

Read Queue Current Status (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=66h)

17h / 67h

Set Queue Current Status (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=67h)

17h / 68h

Create Queue Job and File (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=68h)

17h / 69h

Close File and Start Queue Job (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=69h)

17h / 6Ah

Remove Job From Queue (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=6Ah)

17h / 6Bh

Get Queue Job List (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=6Bh)

17h / 6Ch

Read Queue Job Entry (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=6Ch)

17h / 6Dh

Change Queue Job Entry (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=6Dh)

17h / 6Eh

Change Queue Job Position (see AX=F217h/SF=6Eh)

17h / 6Fh

Attach Queue Server to Queue (see AX=F217h/SF=6Fh)

17h / 70h

Detach Queue Server from Queue (see AX=F217h/SF=70h)

17h / 72h

Finish Servicing Queue Job (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=72h)

17h / 74h

Change to Client Rights (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=74h)

17h / 75h

Restore Queue Server Rights (see AX=F217h/SF=75h)

17h / 76h

Read Queue Server Current Status (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=76h)

17h / 77h

Set Queue Server Current Status (see AX=F217h/SF=77h)

17h / 78h

Get Queue Job File Size (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=78h)

17h / 79h

Create Queue Job and File (see AX=F217h/SF=79h)

17h / 7Ah

Read Queue Job Entry (see AX=F217h/SF=7Ah)

17h / 7Bh

Change Queue Job Entry (see AX=F217h/SF=7Bh)

17h / 7Dh

Read Queue Current Status (see AX=F217h/SF=7Dh)

17h / 7Eh

Set Queue Current Status (see AX=F217h/SF=7Eh)

17h / 7Fh

Close File and Start Queue Job (see AX=F217h/SF=7Fh)

17h / 80h

Remove Job From Queue (see AX=F217h/SF=80h)

17h / 81h

Get Queue Job List (see AX=F217h/SF=81h)

17h / 82h

Change Job Priority (see AX=F217h/SF=82h)

17h / 83h

Finish Servicing Queue Job (see AX=F217h/SF=83h)

17h / 85h

Change to Client Rights (see AX=F217h/SF=85h)

17h / 86h

Read Queue Server Current Status (see AX=F217h/SF=86h)

17h / 87h

Get Queue Job File Size (see AX=F217h/SF=87h)

17h / 96h

Get Account Status (see AX=F217h/SF=96h)

17h / 97h

Submit Account Charge (see AX=F217h/SF=97h)

17h / 98h

Submit Account Hold (see AX=F217h/SF=98h)

17h / 99h

Submit Account Note (see AX=F217h/SF=99h)

17h / C8h

Check Console Privileges (see AX=F217h/SF=C8h)

17h / C9h

Get File Server Description Strings (see AX=F217h/SF=C9h)

17h / CAh

Set File Server Date and Time (see AX=F217h/SF=CAh)

17h / CBh

Disable File Server Login (see AX=F217h/SF=CBh)

17h / CCh

Enable File Server Login (see AX=F217h/SF=CCh)

17h / CDh

Get File Server Login Status (see AX=F217h/SF=CDh)

17h / CEh

Purge All Erased Files (see AX=F217h/SF=CEh)

17h / CFh

Disable Transaction Tracking (see AX=F217h/SF=CFh)

17h / D0h

Enable Transaction Tracking (see AX=F217h/SF=D0h)

17h / D2h

Clear Connection Number (Logout Station) (see AX=F217h/SF=D2h)

17h / D3h

Down File Server (see AX=F217h/SF=D3h)

17h / D4h

Get File System Statistics (see AX=F217h/SF=D4h)

17h / D5h

Get Transaction Tracking Statistics (see AX=F217h/SF=D5h)

17h / D6h

Get Disk Cache Statistics (see AX=F217h/SF=D6h)

17h / D7h

Get Drive Mapping Table (see AX=F217h/SF=D7h)

17h / D8h

Get Physical Disk Statistics (see AX=F217h/SF=D8h)

17h / D9h

Get Disk Channel Statistics (see AX=F217h/SF=D9h)

17h / DAh

Get Connection's Task Information (NW v2.2) (see AX=F217h/SF=DAh)

17h / DBh

Get Connection's Open Files (old) (NW v2.2) (see AX=F217h/SF=DBh)

17h / DCh

Get Connections Using a File (NW v2.2) (see AX=F217h/SF=DCh)

17h / DDh

Get Physical Record Locks by Connection and File (old)

17h / DEh

Get Physical Record Locks by File (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=DEh)

17h / DFh

Get Logical Records by Connection (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=DFh)

17h / E0h

Get Logical Record Information (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=E0h)

17h / E1h

Get Connection's Semaphores (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=E1h)

17h / E2h

Get Semaphore Information (old) (see AX=F217h/SF=E2h)

17h / E3h

Get LAN Driver's Configuration Information (see AX=F217h/SF=E3h)

17h / E5h

Get Connection's Usage Statistics (NW v2.2) (see AX=F217h/SF=E5h)

17h / E6h

Get Object's Remaining Disk Space (see AX=F217h/SF=E6h)

17h / E7h

Get File Server LAN I/O Statistics (see AX=F217h/SF=E7h)

17h / E8h

Get File Server Misc Information (see AX=F217h/SF=E8h)

17h / E9h

Get Volume Information (see AX=F217h/SF=E9h)

17h / EAh

Get Connection's Task Information (NW v3.11+) (see AX=F217h/SF=EAh)

17h / EBh

Get Connection's Open Files (NW v3.11+) (see AX=F217h/SF=EBh)

17h / ECh

Get Connections Using a File (NW v3.11+) (see AX=F217h/SF=ECh)

17h / EDh

Get Physical Record Locks by Connection and File (see AX=F217h/SF=EDh)

17h / EEh

Get Physical Record Locks by File (see AX=F217h/SF=EEh)

17h / EFh

Get Logical Records by Connection (see AX=F217h/SF=EFh)

17h / F0h

Get Logical Record Information (see AX=F217h/SF=F0h)

17h / F1h

Get Connection's Semaphores (see AX=F217h/SF=F1h)

17h / F2h

Get Semaphore Information (see AX=F217h/SF=F2h)

17h / F3h

Map Directory Number to Path (see AX=F217h/SF=F3h)

17h / F4h

Convert Path to Directory Entry (see AX=F217h/SF=F4h)

17h / F5h

Get File Server Extended Misc Information (see AX=F217h/SF=F5h)

17h / F6h

Get Volume Extended Information (see AX=F217h/SF=F6h)

17h / FEh

Clear Connection Number Greater than 250 (see AX=F217h/SF=FEh)


End of Job (see AH=D6h"NetWare")


Logout (old) (see AH=D7h"NetWare")


Log Physical Record (old) (see AH=BCh"NetWare")


Lock Physical Record Set (old) (see AX=F21Bh)


Release Physical Record (see AH=BDh"NetWare")


Release Physical Record Set (see AH=C3h"NetWare")


Clear Physical Record (see AX=F21Eh)


Clear Physical Record Set (see AX=F21Fh)

20h / xxh

semaphore services (see AX=C501h"NetWare")

20h / 00h

Open Semaphore (old) (see AX=C500h"NetWare")

20h / 01h

Examine Semaphore (old) (see AX=C501h"NetWare")

20h / 02h

Wait on Semaphore (old) (see AX=C502h"NetWare")

20h / 03h

Signal Semaphore (old) (see AX=C503h"NetWare")

20h / 04h

Close Semaphore (old) (see AX=C504h"NetWare")


Negotiate Buffer Size

22h / 00h

TTS Is Available (see AX=C702h"NetWare")

22h / 01h

TTS Begin Transaction (see AX=C700h"NetWare")

22h / 02h

TTS End Transaction (see AX=C701h"NetWare")

22h / 03h

TTS Abort Transaction (see AX=C703h"NetWare")

22h / 04h

TTS Transaction Status (see AX=C704h"NetWare")

22h / 05h

TTS Get Application Thresholds (see AX=C705h"NetWare")

22h / 06h

TTS Set Application Thresholds (see AX=C706h"NetWare")

22h / 07h

TTS Get Workstation Thresholds (see AX=C707h"NetWare")

22h / 08h

TTS Set Workstation Thresholds (see AX=C708h"NetWare")

22h / 09h

TTS Get Control Flags

22h / 0Ah

TTS Set Control Flags

23h / 01h

AFP Create Directory (see AX=F223h/SF=01h)

23h / 02h

AFP Create File (see AX=F223h/SF=02h)

23h / 03h

AFP Delete (see AX=F223h/SF=03h)

23h / 04h

AFP Get Entry ID From Name (see AX=F223h/SF=04h)

23h / 05h

AFP Get File Information (see AX=F223h/SF=05h)

23h / 06h

AFP Get Entry ID From NetWare Handle (see AX=F223h/SF=06h)

23h / 07h

AFP Rename (see AX=F223h/SF=07h)

23h / 08h

AFP Open File Fork (see AX=F223h/SF=08h)

23h / 09h

AFP Set File Information (see AX=F223h/SF=09h)

23h / 0Ah

AFP Scan File Information (see AX=F223h/SF=0Ah)

23h / 0Bh

AFP Alloc Temporary Dir Handle (see AX=F223h/SF=0Bh)

23h / 0Ch

AFP Get Entry ID From Path Name (see AX=F223h/SF=0Ch)

23h / 0Dh

AFP 2.0 Create Directory (see AX=F223h/SF=0Dh)

23h / 0Eh

AFP 2.0 Create File (see AX=F223h/SF=0Eh)

23h / 10h

AFP 2.0 Set File Information (see AX=F223h/SF=10h)

23h / 11h

AFP 2.0 Scan File Information (see AX=F223h/SF=11h)

23h / 12h

AFP Get DOS Name from Entry ID (see AX=F223h/SF=12h)

23h / 13h

AFP Get Macintosh Info on Deleted File (see AX=F223h/SF=13h)


Commit File


File Search Initialize (FindFirst) (see AX=F23Eh)


File Search Continue (FindNext) (see AX=F23Fh)


Search File


Close File (see AX=F242h)


File Create (see AX=F243h)


File Erase (see AX=F244h)


File Rename


Set File Attributes


Get File Size (see AX=F247h)


File Read


File Write


File Server Copy (see AX=F24Ah)


Set File Time and Date


File Open


Create New File (see AX=F24Dh)


Allow Task Access to File (see AX=F24Eh)


Set Extended File Attributes (see AH=B6h"NetWare")


Open Create File (see also AX=6C00h)


Get Sparse File Data Block Bit Map

56h / xx

extended attribute services (OS/2)

56h / 01h

Close Extended Attribute Handle (see AX=F256h/SF=01h)

56h / 02h

Write Extended Attribute (see AX=F256h/SF=02h)

56h / 03h

Read Extended Attribute (see AX=F256h/SF=03h)

56h / 04h

Enumerate Extended Attributes (see AX=F256h/SF=04h)

56h / 05h

Duplicate Extended Attributes (see AX=F256h/SF=05h)

57h / 01h

Open/Create File or Subdirectory (see AX=F257h/SF=01h)

57h / 02h

Initialize Search, continue with 57h/03h (see AX=F257h/SF=02h)

57h / 03h

Scan NS Entry Info (see AX=F257h/SF=03h)

57h / 04h

Rename or Move File or Subdirectory (see AX=F257h/SF=04h)

57h / 05h

Scan File or Subdirectory for Trustees (see AX=F257h/SF=05h)

57h / 06h

Obtain File or Subdirectory Information (see AX=F257h/SF=06h)

57h / 07h

Modify File or Subdirectory DOS Information (see AX=F257h/SF=07h)

57h / 08h

Delete File/Directory (see AX=F257h/SF=08h)

57h / 09h

Set Short Directory Handle (see AX=F257h/SF=09h)

57h / 0Ah

Add Trustee Set (see AX=F257h/SF=0Ah)

57h / 0Bh

Delete Trustee (see AX=F257h/SF=0Bh)

57h / 0Ch

Allocate Short Directory Handle (see AX=F257h/SF=0Ch)

57h / 10h

Scan Salvageable Files (see AX=F257h/SF=10h)

57h / 11h

Recover Salvageable File (see AX=F257h/SF=11h)

57h / 12h

Purge Salvageable File (see AX=F257h/SF=12h)

57h / 13h

Get NS Information (see AX=F257h/SF=13h)

57h / 15h

Get Path String from Short Directory Handle (see AX=F257h/SF=15h)

57h / 16h

Generate Directory Base and Volume Number (see AX=F257h/SF=16h)

57h / 17h

Get Name Space Info (see AX=F257h/SF=17h)

57h / 18h

Get Name Spaces Loaded (see AX=F257h/SF=18h)

57h / 19h

Write Name Space Info (see AX=F257h/SF=19h)

57h / 1Ah

Read Extended Name Space Info (see AX=F257h/SF=1Ah)

57h / 1Bh

Write Extended Name Space Info (see AX=F257h/SF=1Bh)

57h / 1Ch

Get NS Full Path String (see AX=F257h/SF=1Ch)

57h / 1Dh

Get Effective Directory Rights (see AX=F257h/SF=1Dh)

58h / 01h

Get Volume Audit Statistics (see AX=F258h/SF=01h)

58h / 02h

Add Audit Property (see AX=F258h/SF=02h)

58h / 03h

Login as Volume Auditor (see AX=F258h/SF=03h)

58h / 04h

Change Auditor Password (see AX=F258h/SF=04h)

58h / 05h

Check Audit Access (see AX=F258h/SF=05h)

58h / 06h

Remove Audit Property (see AX=F258h/SF=06h)

58h / 07h

Disable Auditing on Volume (see AX=F258h/SF=07h)

58h / 08h

Enable Auditing on Volume (see AX=F258h/SF=08h)

58h / 09h

Is User Audited? (see AX=F258h/SF=09h)

58h / 0Ah

Read Auditing Bit Map (see AX=F258h/SF=0Ah)

58h / 0Bh

Read Audit Config Header (see AX=F258h/SF=0Bh)

58h / 0Dh

Logout as Volume Auditor (see AX=F258h/SF=0Dh)

58h / 0Eh

Reset Auditing File (see AX=F258h/SF=0Eh)

58h / 0Fh

Reset Audit History File (see AX=F258h/SF=0Fh)

58h / 10h

Write Auditing Bit Map (see AX=F258h/SF=10h)

58h / 11h

Write Audit Config Header (see AX=F258h/SF=11h)

58h / 13h

Get Auditing Flags (see AX=F258h/SF=13h)

58h / 14h

Close Old Auditing File (see AX=F258h/SF=14h)

58h / 15h

Delete Old Auditing File (see AX=F258h/SF=15h)

58h / 16h

Check Audit Level Two Access (see AX=F258h/SF=16h)

5Ah / 01h

Get DM (Data Migration) Info (see AX=F25Ah/SF=01h)

5Ah / 80h

Move File Data to DM (see AX=F25Ah/SF=80h)

5Ah / 81h

DM File Information (see AX=F25Ah/SF=81h)

5Ah / 82h

Volume DM Status (see AX=F25Ah/SF=82h)

5Ah / 83h

Get Migration or Status Information (see AX=F25Ah/SF=83h)

5Ah / 84h

DM Support Module Information (see AX=F25Ah/SF=84h)

5Ah / 85h

Move File Data from DM (see AX=F25Ah/SF=85h)

5Ah / 86h

Get or Set Default Support Module (see AX=F25Ah/SF=86h)


Negotiate LIP Buffer, packet signing, and IPX checksums


Packet Burst Connection

68h / xxh

NetWare 4.x directory services (subfn at DS:[SI+11h])

68h / 01h

NDS resolve name (see AX=F268h/SF=01h)

68h / 03h

NDS read property

68h / 04h

NDS Get Bindery Context (see AX=F268h/SF=04h)

68h / 05h

NDS Monitor Connection (see AX=F268h/SF=05h)

68h / 16h

NDS List Partitions (see AX=F268h/SF=16h)

68h / 35h

NDS get server address (see AX=F268h/SF=35h)

68h / 36h

NDS set keys

68h / 39h

NDS begin login

68h / 3Ah

NDS finish login

68h / 3Bh

NDS begin authenticate

68h / 3Ch

NDS finish authenticate

68h / 3Dh

NDS Logout (see AX=F268h/SF=3Dh)

68h / C8h

Get DS Auditing Statistics (see AX=F268h/SF=C8h)


Log File (see AX=F269h)


Lock File Set (see AX=F26Ah)


Log Logical Record


Lock Logical Record Set (see AX=F26Ch)


Log Physical Record


Lock Physical Record Set (see AX=F26Eh)

6Fh / 00h

Open Semaphore (see AX=F26Fh/SF=00h)

6Fh / 01h

Close Semaphore (see AX=F26Fh/SF=01h)

6Fh / 02h

Wait on Semaphore (see AX=F26Fh/SF=02h)

6Fh / 03h

Signal Semaphore (see AX=F26Fh/SF=03h)

6Fh / 04h

Examine Semaphore (see AX=F26Fh/SF=04h)


NetWare 4.x Time Services (see AX=F272h)

7Bh / 01h

Get Cache Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=01h)

7Bh / 02h

Get File Server Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=02h)

7Bh / 03h

Get NetWare File Systems Information

7Bh / 04h

Get User Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=04h)

7Bh / 05h

Get Packet Burst Information

7Bh / 06h

Get IPX/SPX Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=06h)

7Bh / 07h

Get Garbage Collection Information

7Bh / 08h

Get CPU Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=08h)

7Bh / 09h

Get Volume Switch Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=09h)

7Bh / 0Ah

Get NLM Loaded List (see AX=F27Bh/SF=0Ah)

7Bh / 0Bh

Get NLM Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=0Bh)

7Bh / 0Ch

Get Directory Cache Information

7Bh / 0Dh

Get OS Version Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=0Dh)

7Bh / 0Eh

Get Active Connection List by Type

7Bh / 0Fh

Get NLM's Resource Tag List

7Bh / 14h

Get Active LAN Board List (see AX=F27Bh/SF=14h)

7Bh / 15h

Get LAN Configuration Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=15h)

7Bh / 16h

Get LAN Common Counters Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=16h)

7Bh / 17h

Get LAN Custom Counters Information

7Bh / 18h

Get LAN Config Strings

7Bh / 19h

Get LSL Information

7Bh / 1Ah

Get LSL Logical Board Statistics

7Bh / 1Eh

Get Media Manager Object Information

7Bh / 1Fh

Get Media Manager Object List

7Bh / 20h

Get Media Manager Object Children List

7Bh / 21h

Get Volume Segment List

7Bh / 28h

Get Active Protocol Stacks

7Bh / 29h

Get Protocol Stack Configuration Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=29h)

7Bh / 2Ah

Get Protocol Stack Statistics Information

7Bh / 2Bh

Get Protocol Stack Custom Information

7Bh / 2Ch

Get Protocol Stack Numbers By Media Number

7Bh / 2Dh

Get Protocol Stack Numbers By LAN Board Number

7Bh / 2Eh

Get Media Name by Media Number

7Bh / 2Fh

Get Loaded Media Number List

7Bh / 32h

Get General Router and SAP Information

7Bh / 33h

Get Network Router Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=33h)

7Bh / 34h

Get Network Routers Information

7Bh / 35h

Get Known Networks Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=35h)

7Bh / 36h

Get Server Information

7Bh / 38h

Get Known Servers Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=38h)

7Bh / 3Ch

Get Server Set Commands Information (see AX=F27Bh/SF=3Ch)

7Bh / 3Dh

Get Server Set Categories (see AX=F27Bh/SF=3Dh)


The subfunction is stored at DS:SI for AL=56h, 57h, DS:SI+2 for AL=15h-17h, 23h.