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Call CEMM v5.10+ entry point with

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AH = 00h get memory manager's state


AH = state
bit 0 : turned OFF
bit 1 : AUTO mode enabled
AH = 01h set memory manager's state
Call: AL = new state
00h = ON
01h = OFF
02h = AUTO


CF - clear if successful
CF - set on error
AH = 02h Weitek coprocessor support
Call: AL = subfunction
00h = get Weitek support state
Return: AL = status
bit 0 : Weitek coprocessor is present
bit 1 : Weitek support is enabled
01h = turn on Weitek support
02h = turn off Weitek support


CF - clear if successful
CF - set on error
AL = error code
00h = invalid subfunc
01h = no Weitek
AH = 05h get statistics
Call: ???
AH > 06h
Return: CF - set
AH = 01h (invalid function)
Notes: AH=03h,04h,06h are NOPs which return CF clear, presumably for backwards compatibility with earlier versions of CEMM.
In v5.11, AH=05h merely prints an error message (using INT 21/AH=09h) stating that a different version of CEMM is installed and it is therefore not possible to display the statistics.