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Format of MAC Service-Specific Status Table

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Offset Size Description
00h WORD length of table in bytes
02h DWORD seconds since 0:00 1/1/70 when diagnostics last run (FFFFFFFFh = never)
06h DWORD MAC status bits (see #01442)
0Ah WORD current packet filter flags (see #01443)
0Ch DWORD pointer to media-specific status table or 0000h:0000h
10h DWORD seconds past 0:00 1/1/70 of last ClearStatistics
14h DWORD total frames received (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
18h DWORD frames with CRC error (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
1Ch DWORD total bytes received (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
20h DWORD frames discarded--no buffer space (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
24h DWORD multicast frames received (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
28h DWORD broadcast frames received (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
2Ch DWORD frames with errors (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
30h DWORD overly large frames (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
34h DWORD frames less than minimum size (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
38h DWORD multicast bytes received (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
3Ch DWORD broadcast bytes received (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
40h DWORD frames discarded--hardware error (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
44h DWORD total frames transmitted (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
48h DWORD total bytes transmitted (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
4Ch DWORD multicast frames transmitted (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
50h DWORD broadcast frames transmitted (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
54h DWORD broadcast bytes transmitted (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
58h DWORD multicast bytes transmitted (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
5Ch DWORD frames not transmitted--timeout (FFFFFFFFh = not counted)
60h DWORD frames not transmitted--hardware error (FFFFFFFFh = not countd)
64h N BYTEs vendor-specific info