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Values for NDIS status code

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Value Description
0000h success
0001h wait for release--protocol has retained control of the data buffer
0002h request queued
0003h frame not recognized
0004h frame rejected
0005h frame should be forwarded
0006h out of resource
0007h invalid parameter
0008h invalid function
0009h not supported
000Ah hardware error
000Bh transmit error
000Ch unrecognized destination
000Dh buffer too small
0020h already started
0021h binding incomplete
0022h driver not initialized
0023h hardware not found
0024h hardware failure
0025h configuration failure
0026h interrupt conflict
0027h MAC incompatible
0028h initialization failed
0029h no binding
002Ah network may be disconnected
002Bh incompatible OS version
002Ch already registered
002Dh path not found
002Eh insufficient memory
002Fh info not found
00FFh general failure
F000h-FFFFh reserved for vendor-specific codes, treated as general failure