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Values for PCI vendor ID

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Value Description
001Ah Ascend Communications, Inc.
003Dh Martin-Marietta Corporation
0E11h Compaq (see #00733)
1000h Symbios Logic Inc (formerly NCR) (see #00734)
1002h ATI (see #00735)
1003h ULSI Systems (see #00736)
1004h VLSI Technologies (see #00737)
1005h Avance Logics (ADL) (see #00738)
1006h Reply Group
1007h Netframe Systems Inc.
1008h Epson
100Ah Phoenix Technologies
100Bh National Semiconductor (see #00739)
100Ch Tseng Labs (see #00740) (also ID 10BEh)
100Dh AST Research
100Eh Weitek (see #00741)
1010h Video Logic Ltd
1011h DEC (see #00742)
1012h Micronics Computers
1013h Cirrus Logic (see #00743,#00029)
1014h IBM (see #00744)
1015h LSI Logic Corp. of Canada
1016h ICL Personal Systems
1017h SPEA Software AG
1018h Unisys
1019h EliteGroup Computer Sys
101Ah NCR/AT&ampT GIS
101Bh Vitesse Semiconductor
101Ch Western Digital (see #00745)
101Eh AMI (see #00746)
101Fh Picturetel
1020h Hitachi Computer Electronics
1021h Oki Electric Industry
1022h Advanced Micro Devices (see #00747)
1023h Trident Microsystems (see #00748)
1024h Zenith Data Systems
1025h Acer
1028h Dell Computer Corporation
1029h Siemens Nixdorf
102Ah LSI Logic, Headland Division (see #00749)
102Bh Matrox (see #00750)
102Ch Chips & Technologies (see #00751)
102Dh Wyse Technologies
102Eh Olivetti Advanced Technology
102Fh Toshiba America (see #00752)
1030h TMC Research
1031h Miro Computer Products AG (see #00753)
1032h Compaq
1033h NEC Corporation (see #00754)
1034h Burndy Corporation
1035h Computers and Communications Research Lab
1036h Future Domain (see #00755)
1037h Hitachi Micro Systems
1038h AMP Incorporated
1039h Silicon Integrated System (SIS) (see #00756)
103Ah Seiko Epson Corporation
103Bh Tatung Corp. of America
103Ch Hewlett-Packard (see #00757)
103Eh Solliday
103Fh Logic Modeling
1040h Kubota Pacific
1041h Computrend
1042h PC Technology (see #00758,#00928) (see also PORT 03F0h"PCTech")
1043h Asustek
1044h Distributed Processing Technology (DPT) (see #00759)
1045h OPTi (see #00760)
1046h IPC Corporation, Ltd.
1047h Genoa Systems Corp.
1048h Elsa GmbH
1049h Fountain Technology
104Ah SGS Thomson Microelectric (see #00761)
104Bh BusLogic (see #00762)
104Ch Texas Instruments (see #00763)
104Dh Sony Corporation
104Eh Oak Technology (see #00764)
104Fh Co-Time Computer Ltd.
1050h Winbond (see #00765)
1051h Anigma Corp.
1052h Young Micro Systems
1054h Hitachi, Ltd. (see #00766)
1055h EFAR Microsystems (see #00767)
1056h ICL
1057h Motorola (see #00768)
1058h Electronics and Telecommunications Research
1059h Teknor Microsystems
105Ah Promise Technology (see #00769)
105Bh Foxconn International
105Ch Wipro Infotech Ltd.
105Dh Number 9 Computer Company (see #00770)
105Eh VTech Engineering Canada, Ltd.
105Fh Infotronic America, Inc.
1060h United Microelectronics (UMC) (see #00771)
1061h 8x8 (X Tech) (see #00772)
1062h Maspar Computer Copr.
1063h Ocean Office Automation
1064h Alcatel Cit
1065h Texas Microsystems
1066h PicoPower Technology (see #00773)
1067h Mitsubishi Electronics
1068h Diversified Technology
1069h Mylex Corporation (see #00774)
106Ah Aten Research
106Bh Apple Computer
106Ch Hyundai Electronics America
106Dh Sequent
106Eh DFI Inc.
106Fh City Gate Development, Ltd.
1070h Daewoo Telecom Ltd.
1071h Mitac
1072h GIT Co., Ltd.
1073h Yamaha Corporation (see #00775)
1074h NexGen Microsystems (see #00776)
1075h Advanced Integration Research
1076h Chaintech Computer Co. Ltd.
1077h Q Logic (see #00777)
1078h Cyrix Corporation
1079h I-Bus
107Ah Networth
107Bh Gateway 2000
107Ch Goldstar Co. Ltd.
107Dh Leadtek Research (see #00778)
107Eh Interphase Corporation (see #00779)
107Fh Data Technology Corporation (DTC) (see #00780)
1080h Contaq Microsystems (see #00781)
1081h Supermac Technology
1082h EFA Corporation of America
1083h Forex Computer Corporation (see #00782)
1084h Parador
1085h Tulip Computers Int'l BV
1086h J. Bond Computer Systems
1087h Cache Computer
1088h Microcomputer Systems (M) Son
1089h Data General Corporation
108Ah Bit3 Computer (see #00783)
108Ch Elonex PLC (Oakleigh Systems, Inc)
108Dh Olicom (see #00784)
108Eh Sun Microsystems
108Fh Systemsoft Corporation
1090h Encore Computer Corporation
1091h Intergraph Corporation (see #00785)
1092h Diamond Computer Systems
1093h National Instruments (see #00786)
1094h First International Computers (FIC)
1095h CMD Technology, Inc. (see #00787)
1096h Alacron
1097h Appian Technology (see #00788)
1098h Vision / Quantum Designs Ltd (see #00789)
1099h Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
109Ah Packard Bell
109Bh Gemlight Computer Ltd.
109Ch Megachips Corporation
109Dh Zida Technologies
109Eh Brooktree Corporation (see #00790)
109Fh Trigem Computer Inc.
10A0h Meidensha Corporation
10A1h Juko Electronics Inc. Ltd.
10A2h Quantum Corporation
10A3h Everex Systems Inc.
10A4h Globe Manufacturing Sales
10A5h Racal Interlan
10A6h Informtech Industrial Ltd.
10A7h Benchmarq Microelectronics
10A8h Sierra Semiconductor (see #00791)
10A9h Silicon Graphics
10AAh ACC Microelectronics (see #00792)
10ABh Digicom
10ACh Honeywell IASD
10ADh Symphony Labs (see #00793)
10AEh Cornerstone Technology
10AFh Microcomputer Systems
10B0h CardExpert Technology
10B1h Cabletron Systems, Inc.
10B2h Raytheon Company
10B3h Databook Inc
10B4h STB Systems
10B5h PLX Technology (see #00794)
10B6h Madge Networks (see #00795)
10B7h 3com Corporation (see #00796)
10B8h Standard Microsystems Corporation (SMC) (see #00797)
10B9h Acer Labs Inc. (see #00798)
10BAh Mitsubishi Electronics Corp.
10BBh Dapha Electronics Corporation
10BCh Advanced Logic Research Inc. (ALR)
10BDh Surecom Technology (see #00799)
10BEh Tseng Labs International Corp. (see #00740)
10BFh Most Inc.
10C0h Boca Research Inc.
10C1h ICM Corp. Ltd.
10C2h Auspex Systems Inc.
10C3h Samsung Semiconductors
10C4h Award Software International Inc.
10C5h Xerox Corporation
10C6h Rambus Inc.
10C7h Media Vision
10C8h Neomagic Corporation (see #00800)
10C9h DataExpert Corporation
10CAh Fujitsu
10CBh Omron Corporation
10CCh Mentor Arc Inc.
10CDh Advanced System Products (see #00801)
10CEh Radius Inc.
10CFh Citicorp TTI (see #00802)
10D0h Fujitsu Limited
10D1h Future+ Systems
10D2h Molex Incorporated
10D3h Jabil Circuit Inc.
10D4h Hualon Microelectronics
10D5h Autologic Inc.
10D6h Cetia
10D7h BCM Advanced Research
10D8h Advanced Peripherals Labs
10D9h Macronix International Co. Ltd
10DAh Thomas-Conrad Corporation
10DBh Rohm Research
10DCh CERN/ECP/EDU (see #00803)
10DDh Evans & Sutherland (see #00804)
10DEh NVIDIA Corporation
10DFh Emulex Corporation (see #00805)
10E0h Integrated Micro Solutions (IMS) (see #00806)
10E1h TekRAM Technology Corporation Ltd. (see #00807)
10E2h Aptix Corporation
10E3h Newbridge Microsystems (see #00808)
10E4h Tandem Computers
10E5h Micro Industries
10E6h Gainbery Computer Products Inc.
10E7h Vadem
10E8h Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (see #00809)
10E9h Alps Electronic Corp. Ltd.
10EAh Integraphics Systems (see #00810)
10EBh Artist Graphics (see #00811)
10ECh Realtek Semiconductor (see #00812)
10EDh ASCII Corporation (see #00813)
10EEh Xilinx Corporation
10EFh Racore Computer Products
10F0h Peritek Corporation
10F1h Tyan Computer
10F2h Achme Computer Inc.
10F3h Alaris Inc.
10F4h S-MOS Systems
10F5h NKK Corporation (see #00814)
10F6h Creative Electronic Systems SA
10F7h Matsushita Electric Industrial Corp. Ltd.
10F8h Altos India Ltd.
10F9h PC Direct
10FAh Truevision (see #00815)
10FBh Thesys Ges. f?r Microelektronik mbH
10FCh I/O Data Device Inc.
10FDh Soyo Technology Corp. Ltd.
10FEh Fast Electronic GmbH
10FFh N-Cube
1100h Jazz Multimedia
1101h Initio Corporation (see #00816)
1102h Creative Labs
1103h Triones Technologies Inc.
1104h Rasterops
1105h Sigma Designs, Inc.
1106h VIA Technologies (see #00817)
1107h Stratus Computer
1108h Proteon Inc. (see #00818)
1109h Cogent Data Technologies (see #00819)
110Ah Siemens AG / Siemens Nixdorf AG (see #00820)
110Bh Xenon Microsystems / Chromatic Research, Inc.
110Ch Mini-Max Technology Inc.
110Dh ZNyX Corporation
110Eh CPU Technology
110Fh Ross Technology
1110h Powerhouse Systems
1111h Santa Cruz Operation (SCO)
1112h Rockwell / RNS division of Meret Communications Inc. (see #00821)
1113h Accton Technology Corporation
1114h Atmel Corporation
1115h DuPont Pixel Systems
1116h Data Translation / Media 100, Inc.
1117h Datacube Inc. (see #00822)
1118h Berg Electronics
1119h Vortex Computersysteme GmbH (see #00823)
111Ah Efficient Networks, Inc. (see #00824)
111Bh Teledyne Electronic Systems
111Ch Tricord Systems, Inc.
111Dh Integrated Device Technology
111Eh Eldec Corporation
111Fh Precision Digital Images
1120h EMC Corporation
1121h Zilog
1122h Multi-tech Systems, Inc.
1123h Excellent Design, Inc.
1124h Leutron Vision AG
1125h Eurocore
1126h Vigra
1127h FORE Systems (see #00825)
1128h ???
1129h Firmworks
112Ah Hermes Electronics Co.
112Bh Linotype - Hell AG
112Dh Ravicad
112Eh Infomedia MicroElectronics Inc (see #00826)
112Fh Imaging Technology (see #00827)
1130h Computervision
1131h Philips Semiconductors
1132h Mitel Corp
1133h Eicon Technology Corporation
1134h Mercury Computer Systems Inc (see #00828)
1135h Fuji Xerox Co Ltd (see #00829)
1136h Momentum Data Systems
1137h Cisco Systems Inc
1138h Ziatech Corporation (see #00830)
1139h Dynamic Pictures Inc (see #00831)
113Ah FWB Inc
113Ch Cyclone Microsystems (PLX) (see #00832)
113Dh Leading Edge Products Inc
113Eh Sanyo Electric Co. - Computer Engineering Dept.
113Fh Equinox Systems
1140h Intervoice Inc
1141h Crest Microsystem Inc (see #00833)
1142h Alliance Semiconductor Corp (see #00834)
1143h Netpower, Inc.
1144h Cincinnati Milacron / Vickers Inc. Electronic Systems (see #00835)
1145h Workbit Corp
1146h Force Computers
1147h Interface Corp.
1148h Schneider & Koch Co. / Syskonnect (see #00836)
1149h Win System Corporation
114Ah VMIC (see #00837)
114Bh Canopus Co.
114Ch Annabooks
114Dh IC Corporation
114Eh Nikon Systems Inc
114Fh Digi International / Stargate (see #00838)
1150h Thinking Machines Corp.
1151h JAE Electronics Inc.
1152h Megatek
1153h Land Win Electronic Corp.
1154h Melco Inc.
1155h Pine Technology Ltd.
1156h Periscope Engineering
1157h Avsys Corporation
1158h Voarx R&ampD Inc. (see #00839)
1159h MuTech (see #00840)
115Ah Harleguin Ltd.
115Bh Parallax Graphics
115Ch Photron, Ltd.
115Dh Xircom
115Eh Peer Protocols Inc.
115Fh ???
1160h Megasoft Inc.
1161h PFU Ltd. (see #00841)
1162h OA Laboratory Co Ltd.
1163h Creative Labs / Rendition (see #00842)
1164h Advanced Peripherals Tech
1165h Imagraph Corporation (see #00843)
1166h Pequr Technology Inc. / Relience Computer
1167h Mutoh Industries, Inc.
1168h Thine Electronics Inc
1169h Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
116Ah Polaris Communications
116Bh Connectware Inc
116Ch ???
116Dh ???
116Eh ???
116Fh Workstation Technology
1170h Inventec Corporation
1171h Loughborough Sound Images
1172h Altera Corporation
1173h Adobe Systems
1174h Bridgeport Machines
1175h Mitron Computer Inc.
1176h SBE
1177h Silicon Engineering
1178h Alfa Inc (see #00844)
1179h Toshiba America Info Systems
117Ah A-Trend Technology
117Bh LG Electronics Inc.
117Ch Atto Technology
117Dh ???
117Eh T/R Systems
117Fh ???
1180h Ricoh Co Ltd
1181h Telmatics International
1182h ???
1183h Fujikura Ltd
1184h Forks Inc
1185h Dataworld
1186h D-Link System Inc
1187h Advanced Technology Laboratories
1188h Shima Seiki Manufacturing Ltd.
1189h Matsushita Electronics (see #00845)
118Ah Hilevel Technology
118Bh ???
118Ch Corollary Inc (see #00846)
118Dh BitFlow Inc (see #00847)
118Eh Hermstedt GmbH
118Fh ???
1190h ???
1191h Artop Electric / Acard Technology Corp. (see #00848)
1192h Densan Co. Ltd
1193h Zeitnet Inc. (see #00849)
1194h Toucan Technology
1195h Ratoc System Inc
1196h Hytec Electronics Ltd
1197h Gage Applied Sciences Inc.
1198h Lambda Systems Inc
1199h Digital Communications Associates Inc,
119Ah Mind Share Inc.
119Bh Omega Micro Inc.
119Ch Information Technology Inst.
119Dh Bug Sapporo Japan
119Eh Fujitsu
119Fh Bull Hn Information Systems
11A0h Convex Computer Corporation
11A1h Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
11A2h Sierra Research and Technology
11A3h Deuretzbacher GmbH & Co. Eng. KG
11A4h Barco
11A5h MicroUnity Systems Engineering, Inc.
11A6h Pure Data
11A7h Power Computing Corp.
11A9h InnoSys Inc. (see #00850)
11AAh Actel
11ABh Galileo Technology Ltd. (see #00851)
11ACh Canon Information Systems
11ADh Lite-On Communications Inc
11AEh Scitex Corporation Ltd
11AFh Pro-Log Corporation / Avid Technology Corp.
11B0h V3 Semiconductor Inc. (see #00852)
11B1h Apricot Computers
11B2h Eastman Kodak
11B3h Barr Systems Inc.
11B4h Leitch Technology International
11B5h Radstone Technology Plc
11B6h United Video Corp
11B7h Motorola
11B8h Xpoint Technologies Inc
11B9h Pathlight Technology Inc. (see #00853)
11BAh Videotron Corp
11BBh Pyramid Technology
11BCh Network Peripherals Inc
11BDh Pinnacle Systems Inc.
11BEh International Microcircuits Inc
11BFh Astrodesign, Inc.
11C3h NEC Corporation
11C4h Document Technologies Ind.
11C5h Shiva Corporatin
11C6h Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.
11C7h D.C.M. Data Systems
11C8h Dolphin Interconnect Solutions (see #00854)
11CAh LSI Systems Inc
11CBh Specialix International, Ltd. (see #00855)
11CCh Michels & Kleberhoff Computer GmbH
11CDh HAL Computer Systems Inc.
11CEh Netaccess
11D0h Lockheed Martin Federal Systems-Manassas
11D2h Intercom, Inc.
11D4h Analog Devices
11D5h Ikon Corp.
11D9h TEC Corp.
11DAh Novell
11DBh Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
11DEh Zoran Corporation
11DFh New Wave PDG
11E0h ???
11E1h GEC Plessey Semi Inc.
11E2h Samsung Information Systems Americ
11E3h Quicklogic Corporation
11E4h Second Wave Inc.
11E5h IIX Consulting
11E6h Mitsui-Zosen System Research
11E7h ???
11E8h Digital Processing Systems Inc.
11E9h ???
11EAh Elsag Bailey
11EBh Formation Inc.
11ECh Coreco Inc.
11EDh Mediamatics
11EEh Dome Imaging Systems Inc.
11EFh Nicolet Technologies B.V.
11F0h Compu-Shack GmbH
11F1h Symbios Logic Inc.
11F2h Picture Tel Japan K.K.
11F3h Keithley Metrabyte
11F4h Kinetic Systems Corporation
11F5h Computing Devices International
11F6h Powermatic Data Systems Ltd.
11F6h Compex USA, Inc. (see #00856)
11F7h Scientific Atlanta
11F8h PMC-Sierra Inc. (see #00857)
11F9h I-Cube, Inc.
11FEh RP ??? (see #00858)
1201h Vista Controls Corp.
1203h Bayer Corp., AGFA division
1204h Lattice Semiconductor Corp.
1205h Array Corp.
1206h Amdahl Corp.
120Eh Cyclades (see #00859)
1216h PURUP Eskofot A/S
1217h O2Micro, Inc.
121Ah 3DFX Interactive, Inc.
121Bh Advanced Telecomm Modules
1220h Ariel Corporation (see #00860)
1221h Contec Co., Ltd.
1222h Ancor Communications, Inc.
1223h Heurikon/Computer Products
1224h Interactive Images
1225h Power I/O, Inc.
1226h ???
1227h Tech-Source
1228h Norsk Elektro Optikk A/S
1229h Data Kinesis Inc.
122Ah Integrated Telecom
122Bh LG Industrial Systems Co. Ltd.
122Ch Sican GmbH
122Dh Aztech Systems Ltd
122Eh Xyratex
122Fh Andrew Corporation
1230h Fishcamp Engineering
1231h Woodward McCoach, Inc.
1232h GPT Limited
1233h Bus-Tech, Inc.
1234h Technical Corp.
1235h Risq Modular Systems, Inc. / Smart Modular Technologies, Inc.
1236h Sigma Designs Corporation
1237h Alta Technology Corporation
1238h Adtran
1239h The 3DO Company
123Ah Visicom Laboratories, Inc.
123Bh Seeq Technology, Inc.
123Ch Century Systems, Inc.
123Dh Engineering Design Team, Inc.
123Eh Sumutech, Inc.
123Fh C-Cube Microsystems
1240h Marathon Technologies Corp.
1241h DSC Communications
1242h (unknown vendor)
1243h Delphax
1244h AVM Audiovisuelles Mktg & Computer GmbH
1245h A.P.D., S.A.
1246h Dipix Technologies, Inc.
1247h Xylon Research, Inc.
1248h Central Data Corporation
1249h Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
124Ah AEG Electrocom GmbH
124Bh SBS/Greenspring Modular I/O
124Ch Solitron Technologies, Inc.
124Dh Stallion Technologies
124Eh Cylink
124Fh Infortrend Technology, Inc.
1250h Hitachi Microcomputer System, Ltd.
1251h VLSI Solution Oy
1252h ???
1253h Guzik Technical Enterprises
1254h Linear Systems Ltd.
1255h Optibase Ltd.
1256h Perceptive Solutions, Inc.
1257h Vertex Networks, Inc.
1258h Gilbarco, Inc.
1259h Allied telesyn International
125Ah ABB Power Systems
125Bh Asix Electronics Corporation
125Ch Aurora Technologies, Inc.
125Dh ESS Technology
125Eh SpecialVideo Engineering SRL
125Fh Concurrent Technologies, Inc.
1260h Harris Semiconductor (see #00861)
1261h Matsushita-Kotobuki Electronics Industries
1262h ES Computer Company, Ltd.
1263h Sonic Solutions
1264h Aval Nagasaki Corporation
1265h Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
1266h Microdyne Corporation
1267h S.A. Telecommunications
1268h Tektronix
1269h Thomson-CSF/TTM
126Ah Lexmark International, Inc.
126Bh Adax, Inc.
126Ch Northern Telecom
126Dh Splash Technology, Inc.
126Eh Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
126Fh Silicon Motion, Inc.
1270h Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.
1271h GW Instruments
1272h Telematics International
1273h Hughes Network Systems
1274h Ensoniq (see #00862)
1275h Network Appliance Corporation
1276h Switched Network Tecnologies, Inc.
1277h Comstream
1278h Transtech Parallel Systems Ltd.
1279h Transmeta Corporation
127Ah Rockwell Semiconductor Systems
127Bh Pixera Corporation
127Ch Crosspoint Solutions, Inc.
127Dh Vela Research
127Eh Winnov, L.P.
127Fh Fujifilm
1280h Photoscript Group Ltd.
1281h Yokogawa Electric Corporation
1282h Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.
1283h Integrated Technology Express, Inc.
1284h Sahara Networks, Inc.
1285h Platform Technologies, Inc.
1286h Mazet GmbH
1287h M-Pact, Inc. / Luxsonor, Inc.
1288h Timestep Corporation
1289h AVC Technology, Inc.
128Ah Asante Technologies, Inc.
128Bh Transwitch Corporation
128Ch Retix Corporation / Sonoma Systems, Inc.
128Dh G2 Networks, Inc.
128Ch Retix Corp
128Dh ???
128Eh Samho Multi Tech Ltd. / Hoon Tech Co., Ltd.
128Fh Tateno Dennou, Inc.
1290h Sord Computer Corporation
1291h NCS Computer Italia
1292h Tritech Microelectronics, Inc.
1293h Media Reality Technology
1294h Rhetorex, Inc.
1295h Imagenation Corporation
1296h Kofax Image Products
1297h Holco Ent Co, Ltd / Shuttle Computer
1298h Spellcaster Telecommunications Inc.
1299h Knowledge Technology Lab.
129Ah VMetro, Inc.
129Bh Image Access
129Ch Jaycor / Xantel Corporation
129Dh Compcore Multimedia, Inc.
129Eh Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.
129Fh OEC Medical Systems, Inc.
12A0h Allen-Bradley Company
12A1h Simpact Associates, Inc.
12A2h Newgen Systems Corporation
12A3h Lucent Technologies
12A4h NTT Electronics Technology Company
12A5h Vision Dynamics Ltd.
12A6h Scalable Networks, Inc.
12A7h AMO GmbH
12A8h News Datacom
12A9h Xiotech Corporation
12AAh SDL Communications, Inc.
12ABh Yuan Yuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
12ACh MeasureX Corporation
12ADh Multidata GmbH
12AEh Alteon Networks, inc.
12AFh TDK USA Corporation
12B0h Jorge Scientific Corporation
12B1h GammaLink
12B2h General Signal Networks
12B3h Inter-Face Co. Ltd.
12B4h FutureTel Inc.
12B5h Granite Systems Inc.
12B6h Natural Microsystems
12B7h Acumen
12B8h Korg
12B9h US Robotics / 3com Corporation
12BAh PMC Sierra
12BBh Nippon Unisoft Corporation
12BCh Array Microsystems
12BDh Computerm Corp.
12BEh Anchor Chips
12BFh Fujifilm Microdevices
12C0h InfiMed
12C1h GMM Research Corp.
12C2h Mentec Limited
12C3h Holtek Microelectronics Inc.
12C4h Connect Tech Inc.
12C5h Picture Elements, Inc. (see #00863)
12C6h Mitani Corporation
12C7h Dialogic Corporation
12C8h G Force Co, Ltd.
12C9h Gigi Operations
12CAh Integrated Computing Engines
12CBh Antex Electronics Corporation
12CCh Pluto Technologies International
12CDh Aims Lab
12CEh Netspeed, Inc.
12CFh Prophet Systems, Inc.
12D0h GDE Systems, Inc.
12D1h Psitech
12D2h NVIDIA / SGS Thomson
12D3h Vingmed Sound A/S
12D4h DGM&ampS
12D5h Equator Technologies
12D6h Analogic Corporation
12D7h Biotronic SRL
12D8h Pericom Semiconductor
12D9h Aculab PLC
12DAh True Time
12DBh Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc.
12DCh Symicron Computer Communication Ltd.
12DDh Management Graphics
12DEh Rainbow Technologies
12DFh SBS Technologies Inc.
12E0h Chase Research
12E1h Nintendo Co, Ltd.
12E2h Datum Inc, Bancomm-Timing Division
12E3h Imation Corp - Medical Imaging Systems
12E4h Brooktrout Technology Inc.
12E5h Apex Inc / XCD Inc.
12E6h Cirel Systems
12E7h Sunsgroup Corporation / Sebring Systems
12E8h CRISC Corporation
12E9h GE Spacenet
12EAh Zuken / Real Vision, Inc.
12EBh Aureal Semiconductor
12ECh 3A International, Inc.
12EDh Optivision Inc.
12EEh Orange Micro
12EFh Vienna Systems
12F0h Pentek
12F1h Sorenson Vision Inc.
12F2h GammaGraphx, Inc.
12F3h XING, Inc.
12F4h Megatel
12F5h Forks
12F6h Dawson France
12F7h Cognex
12F8h Electronic-Design GmbH
12F9h FourFold Technologies
12FBh Spectrum Signal Processing
12FCh Capital Equipment Corp.
12FDh i2S
12FEh ESD Electronic System Design GmbH
12FFh Lexicon
1300h Harman International Industries, Inc.
1302h Computer Sciences Corp.
1303h Innovative Integration
1304h Juniper Networks
1305h NetPhone, Inc.
1306h Duet Technologies
1307h Computer Boards
1308h Jato Technologies, Inc.
1309h AB Semicon, Ltd.
130Ah Mitsubishi Electric MicroComputer
130Bh Colorgraphic Communications Corp.
130Ch AMBEX Technologies, Inc.
130Dh Accelerix, Inc.
130Eh Yamatake-Honeywell Co., Ltd.
130Fh Advanet, Inc.
1310h GESPAC
1311h VideoServer, Inc.
1312h Acuity Imaging, Inc.
1313h Yaskawa Electric Co.
1316h Teradyne, Inc.
1317h Bridgecom, Inc.
1318h Packet Engines, Inc.
1319h ForteMedia, Inc.
131Ah Finisar Corp.
131Ch Nippon Electro-Sensory Devices Corp.
131Dh Sysmic, Inc.
131Eh Xinex Networks, Inc.
131Fh SIIG, Inc.
1320h Crypto AG
1321h Arcobel Graphics BV
1322h MTT Co., Ltd.
1323h DOME, Inc.
1324h Sphere Communications
1325h Salix Technologies, Inc.
1326h SeaChange International
1327h Voss Scientific
1328h Quadrant International
1329h Productivity Enhancement
132Ah Microcom, Inc.
132Bh BroadBand Technologies
132Ch Micrel, Inc.
132Dh Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.
1330h MMC Networks
1331h RadiSys Corporation
1332h Micro Memory
1333h ???
1334h Redcreek Communications, Inc.
1335h Videomail, Inc.
1336h ???
1337h Third Planet Publishing
1338h BT Electronics
133Ah VTEL Corp.
133Bh Softcom Microsystems
133Ch Holontech Corp.
133Dh S S Technologies
133Eh Virtual Computer Corp.
133Fh SCM Microsystems
1340h Atalla Corp.
1341h Kyoto Microcomputer Co.
1342h Promax Systems Inc.
1343h Phylon Communications, Inc.
1344h Crucial Technology
1345h Arescom, Inc.
1346h ???
1347h Odetics
1348h ???
1349h Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
134Ah DTC Technology Corp.
134Bh Ark Research Corp.
134Ch Chori Joho System Co., Ltd.
134Dh Pctel, Inc.
134Eh CSTI
134Fh Algo System Co., Ltd.
1350h Systec Co., Ltd.
1351h Sonix, Inc.
1353h Dassault A.T.
1354h dWave System, Inc.
1355h Kratos Analytical, Ltd.
1356h The Logical Co.
1359h Prisa Networks
135Ah Brain Boxes
135Bh Giganet, Inc.
135Ch Quatech, Inc.
135Dh ABB Network Partner AB
135Eh Sealevel Systems, Inc.
135Fh I-Data International A-S
1360h Meinberg Funkuhren
1361h Soliton Systems K.K.
1362h Fujifacom Corp.
1363h Phoenix Technology, Ltd.
1364h ATM Communications, Inc.
1365h Hypercope Corp.
1366h Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd.
1367h Hitachi Zosen Corp.
1368h Skyware Corp.
1369h Digigram
136Ah High Soft Tech
136Bh Kawasaki Steel Corp.
136Ch Adtek System Science Co., Ltd.
136Dh Gigalabs, Ltd.
136Fh Applied Magic, Inc.
1370h ATL Products
1371h CNET Technology, Inc.
1373h Silicon Vision, Inc.
1374h Silicom, Ltd.
1375h Argosystems, Inc.
1376h LMC
1377h Electronic Equipment Production
1378h Telemann Co., Ltd.
1379h Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co., Ltd.
137Ah Mark Of The Unicorn, Inc.
137Bh PPT Vision
137Ch Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd.
137Dh Dynachip Corp.
137Eh Patriot Scientific Corp.
137Fh Japan Satellite Systems, Inc.
1380h Sanritz Automation Co., Ltd.
1381h Brains Co., Ltd.
1382h Marian - Electronic & Software
1383h Controlnet, Inc.
1384h Reality Simulation Systems, Inc.
1385h Netgear
1386h Video Domain Technologies
1387h Systran Corp.
1388h Hitachi Information Technology Co., Ltd.
1389h Applicom International
138Ah Fusion Micromedia Corp.
138Bh Tokimec, Inc.
138Ch Silicon Reality
138Dh Future Techno Designs Pte., Ltd.
138Eh Basler GmbH
138Fh Patapsco Designs, Inc.
1390h Concept Development, Inc.
1391h Development Concepts, Inc.
1392h Medialight, Inc.
1394h Level One Communications
1395h Ambicom, Inc.
1396h Cipher Systems, Inc.
1397h Cologne Chip Designs GmbH
1398h Clarion Co., Ltd.
1399h Rios Systems Co., Ltd.
139Ah Alacritech, Inc.
139Bh Mediasonic Multimedia Systems, Ltd.
139Ch Quantum 3D, Inc.
139Dh EPL, Ltd.
139Eh Media4
139Fh Aethra S.R.L.
13A0h Crystal Group, Inc.
13A1h Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
13A2h Ositech Communications, Inc.
13A3h HI-FN
13A4h Rascom, Inc.
13A5h Audio Digital Imaging, Inc.
13A6h Videonics, Inc.
13A7h Teles AG
13A8h Exar Corp.
13A9h Ultrasound Group
13AAh Broadband Networks, Inc.
13ABh Arcom Control Systems, Ltd.
13ACh Motion Media Technology, Ltd.
13ADh Nexus, Inc.
13AEh ALD Technology, Ltd.
13AFh T.Sqware
13B0h Maxspeed Corp.
13B1h Tamura Corp.
13B2h Techno Chips Co., Ltd.
13B3h Lanart Corp.
13B4h Wellbean Co, Inc.
13B5h ARM
13B6h DLoG GmbH
13B7h LOGIC Devices, Inc.
13B8h Nokia Telecommunications Oy
13B9h Elecom Co., Ltd.
13BAh Oxford Instruments
13BBh Sanyo Technosound Co., Ltd.
13BCh Bitran Corp.
13BDh Sharp Corp.
13BEh Miroku Jyoho Service Co., Ltd.
13BFh Sharewave., Inc.
13C0h Microgate Corp.
13C1h 3ware Inc.
13C2h Technotrend Systemtechnik GmbH
13C3h Janz Computer AG
13C4h Phase Metrics
13C5h Alphi Technology Corp.
13C6h Condor Engineering, Inc.
13C7h Blue Chip Technology, Ltd.
13C8h Apptech, Inc.
13C9h Eaton Corp.
13CAh IOMEGA Corp.
13CBh Yano Electric Co., Ltd.
13CCh Metheus Corp.
13CDh Compatible Systems Corp.
13CEh Cocom A/S
13CFh Studio Audio & Video, Ltd.
13D0h Techsan Electronics Co., Ltd.
13D1h Abocom Systems, Inc.
13D2h Shark Multimedia, Inc.
13D3h IMC Networks
13D4h Graphics Microsystems, Inc.
13D5h Media 100, Inc.
13D6h K.I. Technology Co., Inc.
13D7h Toshiba Engineering Corp.
13D8h Phobos Corp.
13D9h Apex PC Solutions, Inc.
13DAh Intresource Systems Pte., Ltd.
13DBh Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH
13DCh Netboost Corp.
13DDh Multimedia Bundle, Inc.
13DEh ABB Robotics Products AB
13DFh E-Tech, Inc.
13E0h GVC Corp.
13E1h Silicom Multimedia Systems, Inc.
13E2h Dynamics Research Corp.
13E3h Nest, Inc.
13E4h Calculex, Inc.
13E5h Telesoft Design, Ltd.
13E6h Argosy Research, Inc.
13E7h NAC, Inc.
13E8h Chip Express Corp.
13E9h Intraserver Technology, Inc.
13EAh Dallas Semiconductor
13EBh Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc.
13ECh Zydacron, Inc.
13EDh Raytheion E-Systems
13EEh Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.
13F0h Sundance Technology, Inc.
13F1h Oce' - Technologies B.V.
13F2h Ford Microelectronics, Inc.
13F3h McData Corp.
13F4h Troika Design, Inc.
13F5h Kansai Electric Co., Ltd.
13F6h C-Media Electronics, Inc.
13F7h Wildfire Communications
13F8h Ad Lib Multimedia, Inc.
13F9h NTT Advanced Technology Corp.
13FAh Pentland Systems, Ltd.
13FBh Aydin Corp.
13FCh Computer Peripherals International
13FDh Micro Science, Inc.
13FEh Advantech Co., Ltd.
13FFh Silicon Spice, Inc.
1400h ARTX, Inc.
1401h CR-Systems A/S
1402h Meilhaus Electronic GmbH
1403h Ascor, Inc.
1404h Fundamental Software, Inc.
1405h Excalibur Systems, Inc.
1406h Oce' Printing Systems GmbH
1407h Lava Computer Mfg., Inc.
1408h Aloka Co., Ltd.
1409h Timedia Technology Co., Ltd.
140Ah DSP Research, Inc.
140Bh Ramix, Inc.
140Ch Elmic Systems, Inc.
140Dh Matsushita Electrics Works, Ltd.
140Eh Goepel Electronic GmbH
140Fh Salient Systems Corp.
1410h Midas Lab, Inc.
1411h Ikos Systems, Inc.
1412h IC Ensemble, Inc.
1413h Addonics
1414h Microsoft
1415h Oxford Semiconductor, Ltd.
1416h Multiwave Innovation Pte, Ltd.
1417h Convergenet Technologies, Inc.
1418h Kyushu Electronics Systems, Inc.
1419h Excel Switching Corp.
141Ah Apache Micro Peripherals, Inc.
141Bh Zoom Telephonics, Inc.
141Dh Digitan Systems, Inc.
141Eh Fanuc, Ltd.
141Fh Visiontech, Ltd.
1420h Psion Dacom PLC
1421h ADS Technologies, Inc.
1422h Ygrec Systems Co., Ltd.
1423h Custom Technology Corp.
1424h Vidoeserver Connections
1425h ASIC Designers, Inc.
1426h Storage Technology Corp.
1427h Better On-line Solutions
1428h EDEC Co., Ltd.
1429h UNEX Technology Corp.
142Ah Kingmax Technology, Inc.
142Bh RadioLAN
142Ch Minton Optic Industry Co., Ltd.
142Dh Pix Stream, Inc.
142Eh Vitec Multimedia
142Fh Radicom Research, Inc.
1430h ITT Aerospace/Communications Division
1431h Gilat Satellite Networks
1432h Edimax Computer Co.
1433h Eltec Elektronik GmbH
1435h Real Time Devices US, Inc.
1436h CIS Technology, Inc.
1437h Nissin Co Inc
1438h Atmel-Dream
1439h Outsource Engineering & Mfg. Inc
143Ah Stargate Solutions Inc
143Bh Canon Research Center, America
143Ch Amlogic Inc
143Dh Tamarack Microelectronics Inc
143Fh Lightwell Co Ltd - Zax Division
1440h Algol Corp
1441h AGIE LTD
1442h Phoenix Contact Co GmbH
1443h Unibrain S.A.
1444h TRW
1445h Logical do Ltd
1447h AIM GmbH
1448h Alesis Studio
1449h TUT Systems Inc
144Ah Adlink Technology
144Bh Loronix Information Systems Inc
144Ch Catalina Research Inc
144Eh Olitec
144Fh Askey Computer Corp
1450h Nexus Systems Inc
1451h SP3D Chip Design GmbH
1453h Mycom Inc
1454h Altiga Networks
1455h Logic Plus Plus Inc
1456h Advanced Hardware
1457h Nuera Communications Inc
1458h Giga-Byte Technology
1459h Dooin Electronics
145Ah Escalate Networks Inc
145Bh Praim SRL
145Ch Cryptek
145Dh Gallant Computer Inc
145Eh Aashima Technology B.V.
145Fh Baldor Electric Company
1460h Dynarc Inc
1461h Avermedia Technologies Inc
1462h Micro-Star International Co Ltd
1463h Fast Corp
1464h Interactive Circuits & Systems Ltd
1465h GN Nettest Telecom Div.
1466h Designpro Inc
1467h Digicom SPA
1468h Ambit microsystem Corp
1469h Cleveland Motion Controls
146Ah IFR Ltd
146Bh Parascan Technologies Ltd
146Ch Ruby Tech Corp
146Dh Tachyon Inc
146Eh Williams Electronic Games Inc
146Fh Multi Dimensional Consulting Inc
1470h Bay Networks
1471h Integrated Telecom Express Inc
1472h Daikin Indistries Ltd
1473h Zapex Technologies Inc
1474h Doug Carson & Associates
1475h Picazo Communications
1476h Mortara Instrument Inc
1477h Net Insight
1478h Diatrend Corp
1479h Toray Industries Inc
147Ah Formosa Industrial Computing
147Bh Abit Computer Corp
147Ch Aware Inc
147Dh Interworks Computer Products
147Eh Matsushita Graphic Communication Systems Inc
147Fh Nihon Unisys Ltd
1480h SCII Telecom
1481h Biopac Systems Inc
1482h ISYTEC
1483h Labway Corp
1668h Action Tec Electronics, Inc.
1A08h Sierra Semiconductor
1B13h Jaton Corp.
1C1Ch Symphony (see #00864)
1D44h DPT
1DE1h TekRAM (see #00865)
21C3h 21st Century Computer Corp.
2348h Racore
270Bh Xantel Corp.
270Fh Chaintech Computer Co., Ltd.
3000h Hansol Electronics Inc.
3142h Post Impression Systems
3388h Hint Corp.
3D3Dh 3DLabs (see #00866)
4005h Avance Logic, Inc. (see #00867)
4444h Internext Compression, Inc.
4594h Cogetec Informatique Inc.
4680h UMAX Computer Corp.
4843h Hercules Computer Technology, Inc.
4942h ???
4943h Growth Networks
4978h Axil Computer, Inc.
4A14h NetVin
4B10h Buslogic Inc. (see #00869)
4C48h Lung Hwa Electronics
4D51h Mediaq Inc
4DDCh ILC data Device Corp.
5053h Voyetra Technologies
5143h Qualcomm, Inc.
5333h S3 (see also #00870)
5455h Technische UniversitĄt Berlin
5519h Cnet Technologies, Inc.
5555h Genroco Inc
5700h Netpower
6356h UltraStor
6374h c't Magazin fuer Computertechnik (see #00871)
6409h Logitec Corp
6666h Decision Computer International Co.
7604h O.N. Electric Co Ltd
8008h Quancom Electronic GmbH (see #00872)
8086h Intel (see also #00873)
8800h Trigem Computer (see #00874)
8866h T-Square Design Inc
8888h Silicon Magic
8E0Eh Computone Corporation
9004h Adaptec (see #00875)
9005h Adaptec
907Fh Atronics (see #00876)
9412h Holtek
A200h NEC Corp. (see #00754)
A259h Hewlett Packard (see #00757)
A25Bh Hewlett Packard GmbH PL24-MKT (see #00757)
A304h Sony
A727h 3com Corp. (see #00796)
AA42h Scitex Digital Video
B1B3h Shiva Europe, Ltd.
C001h TSI Telsys
C0A9h Micron/Crucial Technology
C0DEh Motorola (see #00768)
C0FEh Motion Engineering, Inc.
CAFEh Chrysalis-ITS
D4D4h DY4 Systems Inc.
E159h Tiger Jet Network Inc.
E000h Winbond
E159h Tiger Jet Network Inc.
ECC0h Echo Corp.
EDD8h Ark Logic Inc (see #00877)
FEDAh Epigram Inc


This list, as well as the following per-vendor tables, tends to be rather out-of-date. The current version of the listing can be found in PCICFG.DAT, part of the PCICFG program distributed in RBPCIxxx.ZIP.

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