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Format of Soft-ICE breakpoint structure

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Offset Size Description


BYTE breakpoint type (see #00004)
01h DWORD breakpoint address 1 (lower range limit for memory BPs, interrupt number for interrupt BPs, address of BP for execution BPs, I/O address (only word) for I/O BPs)
05h DWORD breakpoint address 2 (upper range limit for memory BPs, optional value to check for for interrupt BPs, overlay number (0 = root) for execution BPs)
09h DWORD breakpoint address 3
0Dh BYTE breakpoint mode 1 (see #00005)
for interrupt =
BPs register to check
00h no value checking
01h check AL
02h check AH
03h check AX
0Eh BYTE breakpoint mode 2 (see #00005)
0Fh BYTE breakpoint size
Value Size
00h byte
01h word
03h dword
10h BYTE breakpoint pass count before program stop
11h BYTE breakpoint state

Note: All unused fields should contain zeros.